Mar 182011

Project Team


External project partner:

Senior Research Associate, Cardiff University:  Simon Lannon (email:

Project Advisor

Digital Library Researcher, Los Alamos National Laboratory: Dr Herbert Van de Sompel (email: – Workpackage 3

Engagement with the Community

EDINA has an existing community consultation and briefing process as well as research relationships through various projects and presence at strategic forums reaching the broader geospatial community such as GISRUK / OSGIS which are key events for the target community envisaged for this proposal. STEEV will also engage with the Memento Development Group (via Herbert Van de Sompel and Rob Sanderson who will act as advisors to the project) and of course JISC through representation to the Geospatial Working Group and at programme engagement level.

The Cardiff University research team will be engaging with stakeholders throughout the project as part of the EPSRC RETROFIT project. In addition, the outcomes of this work will be published in academic journals for example Computers, Environment and Urban Systems and disseminated to the academic community through international conferences such as IPBSA (the International Building Performance Simulation Association) conference series. Through ongoing activities and relationships with the broader EPSRC community, this project will gain synergy and additional dissemination channels for its deliverables.

Recognising that resourcing is at a premium, we will exploit social media channels in order to engender a ‘virtual community’ – both to engage users with the project and to elicit critical feedback. This blog will provide opportunities for connecting with stakeholders, engaging in discussion and sharing appropriate specialist knowledge, ideas or developments. Guest posts to
others’ sites, virtual meetings or events and other social media channels will be used, along with traditional communications channels, (as appropriate), for connecting with the various stakeholder communities. EDINA is fortunate to have a dedicated Social Media Officer who will be utilised in this capacity (and has successfully led community engagement through social media channels for the JISC-funded AddressingHistory project).

It is envisaged that other engagement opportunities will arise throughout the period of the project (e.g. the Institute for Energy Systems at the University of Edinburgh, and local practitioners) as we seek to gain feedback about the applicability of the tool.

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