May 172011

GECO is a JISC-funded (and STEEV’s parent!) project which aims to foster a community(ies) of users of geospatial resources (data, services, support) by:
• fostering self-help within identifiable communities of interest that emerge form the recent JISC geospatial funding call;
• increasing the use of geospatial tools, infrastructure (data and services) and information for the wider benefit of the teaching, learning and research communities;
• collating exemplars of use and to establish a trajectory for the future embedding of geospatial resources within research, teaching and learning landscapes;
• identifying and promoting best practice (such as standards, interoperability, machine interfaces) and to provide a means for knowledge transfer from specialist to less spatially literate users and domains;
• assisting with the maturation of the UK academic Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and ensure that location (space/geography) is championed across sectoral domains.
• raising awareness of INSPIRE, ensuring that the sector is cognisant of the obligations and opportunities that this gives rise to.
• promoting good data management principles, including data curation and stewardship ensuring transparency and reuse where practicable.

For further information including details of the JISC-funded geospatial projects under the oversight of GECO at EDINA [] download the GECO publicity leaflet